Armenia Film Locations :
Armenia is a beautiful east European country in the Caucasus Mountains. It became the world's first Christian country over 1,700 years ago and is now best known for its ancient Christian monasteries, churches and cathedrals, many of which sit in beautiful mountain settings such as Tatev Monastery and Khor Virap.

Armenia is also known for its unique villages including the gingerbread houses of the mountain town of Dilijan. Other buildings of interest include the pagan temple of Garni, Matenadaran, Byurakan Observatory, and Yerevan's National Art Gallery. Natural looks of interest include Armenia's beautiful Caucasus Mountains, Mount Aragats, Lake Sevan, valleys, canyons, forests and rivers. Yerevan is the capital city and production service centre.

When To Shoot?
Armenia has a continental climate. Winter (December to March) can be bitterly cold and snow-covered, especially at higher altitudes. Spring (April to May) is mild with wildflowers in full bloom. Summer (June to September) is hot, dry and sunny. Fall (October to November) brings colourful leaves.

Armenia Film Equipment :
most of the equipment available locally including RED DRAGON, ARRI ALEXA, and a range of other camera, grip and lighting equipment.with support from local production house experienced in film shooting.

Transport and Accommodation :
Transportation Infrastructure. Armenia has excellent infrastructure , roads & transportation. Accommodation. Armenia has excellent European quality Hotels & service apartments.

Armenian coverage of film shooting Mannavan Vandhanadi in Armenia


The Consulate-Chennai (Hon.) and the Embassy of Republic of Armenia in India are projecting Armenia as the attractive Tourist Destination and also commenced an initiative of projecting Armenia as the Destination for film shooting.
The first film shooting in Armenia was done for the Tamil Movie titled "Mannavan Vandhanadi" directed by world famous award winning Director Mr. Selvaraghavan . The movie was produced by Mr. Sushant with lead Cast of Mr. Santhanam & Ms. Adhiti Podhankar.
The shooting of this movie in Armenia started in May 2017 and shot in various historic places in and around Yerevan. The shooting was done in Yerevan, world famous lake Savan and Dilija.
The shooting was completed in Armenia in 24 days. The shooting was technically assisted by local production house "Sham Productions".
The Director Mr. Selvaraghavan and the crew were very happy and thrilled to shoot in Armenia. The words of Director Mr. Selvaraghavan "Armenia is the most beautiful Country and Most friendly people I have ever directed a film".
The shooting was well publicised by Armenian Media and the film is expected to be released in November 2017.
The success of first film shooting was well received by the film fraternity in India.
For further details please contact Mr. S. Selvakumar, Secretary-Trade - Mobile: 98410 72306
e-mail : chennai@armenianconsulate.am